Exploring the lives and locations of the Ransom family and all those who lived around them.

In 2017 I started looking into my family history. At first it was all about seeing how far back I could go but that soon gave way to deeper research into the lives of the people I uncovered. Far more interesting than just names and dates was how these people lived and who they interacted with. Newspapers from the day shed more light on these people with articles such as…

Mr. William Ransom, of the Butts, Brentford and of the firm of Messrs. Pescud and Ransom, confectionery manufacturers, of Brentford, met with a somewhat serious accident on Friday evening.

The County Of Middlesex Independent – Page 2, 1st July 1903

…or something like this:

An inquest was held before C.J. Woods, Esq, coroner for Surrey, at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Virginia Water, on the body of Frances Ransom, wife of William Ransom, labourer, aged 68 years, who was found drowned in a pool of water on Wednesday.

Berkshire Chronicle – 22nd March 1845

The more I looked the more I found. It was amazing how much information is out there on all of us. With a growing deluge of facts, figures and photographs being uncovered it became more than our Ancestry account could cope with. That is the reason for this site, it will enable those whose interest may just lie with the interesting tales that have been uncovered so far and not with all the leg work that goes with it. I hope you enjoy this family museum of history.

Have fun!