The following is a time line of how the Ransom’s of Brentford got to Brentford.

1774 – Frances Bacon born in Holkham, Norfolk

25th May 1774 – Frances Bacon baptised – Holkham, Norfolk

1780 – William Ransome born in Burnham Market, Norfolk

25th Feb 1782 – William Ransome baptised – Holkham, Norfolk

January 1804 – Frances Bacon employed by Holkham Estate as Housemaid (1804 – 1807). The Holkham Archivist sent me the following for Frances: wages 8gns per an, some time in London,  employed January 1804 – 19 October 1807  when she quitted her service, no trav expen recorded. 

1st April 1807 – William Ransome – Employed as Gamekeeper at Warham for the Holkham Estate

19th October 1807 – William Ransome marries Frances Bacon – Holkham. Frances leaves her employment with Holkham Hall the same day as is required when staff marry. Note: Her sister Mary Bacon (also a housemaid) also quit the same day. For Mary the Holkham Archivist sent:

Mary Bacon – housemaid   at £7 per annum in 1792  then from January 1794 wages £8 –  until 19 October 1807 when she quitted. Re-employed as housemaid at 9gns per an from 17 November 1810 until 27 February 1811when she was discharged and got one months wages .

She was re-employed again from 27 March 1811 to 11 May 1812 when she quit her service.       Holkham regs:  she had a son  Robert illig. bap Nov 1802 and buried October 1803

1811 – Joseph Ransom was born to William and Frances Ransome in Holkham, Norfolk.

28th March 1811 – Joseph Ransom baptised in Holkham, Norfolk.

It was 1811/ 1812 – during the move to Egham period that the Ransome’s started being registered as Ransom instead of Ransome. This was likely down to the preference of the registrars that wrote their name rather than their own preference. Previous to this time it had largely been written as Ransome – this too was down to whoever was registering the event rather than the person themselves so who knows which is correct.

1812 – William Ransom (II) was born to William and Frances Ransome in Egham, Surrey

1st October 1815 – William Ransom (II) baptised – St. John the Baptist church, Egham, Surrey.

20th June 1843 – Joseph Ransom marries Sarah Jane Messer – Old Windsor, Berkshire.

Abt 1844 – Joseph Ransom – Living at 11 William Mews, London. Employed as Servant, Butler, Footman.

12th March 1845 – Death of Frances Ransome (nee Bacon). Drowned at Portnall Park, Virginia Water, Surrey.

18th March 1845 – Frances Ransome buried at Christ Church – Virginia Water, Surrey.

10th February 1847 – William Ransom (II) marries Eleanor “Ellen” Eyre at St. Paul’s, Addlestone, Surrey. Also known as the Church of Addlestone. Married by William Pidcock who is mentioned in Dorothy Davis’s book “Virginia Water”.

April and May 1851 – Joseph Ransom. Listed as residing at 2 Lowndes Square, London and 11 William Mews, London – William Mews backed onto Lowndes Square and was the servants quarters – Lowndes Square was where his employer lived.

20th March 1852 – Birth of James William Eyre Ransom (JWE) to William (II) and Eleanor Ransom in Old Windsor workhouse.

1861 – Joseph Ransom now living at Blyth Hall, Shustoke, Warwickshire. Servant-Footman. Married.

1861 – William Ransome – age 80 – Windsor Union Workhouse – Pauper (Occupation Game Keeper) – it is worth noting that some of the other names of pauper’s in the workhouse at the same time were Wellbelove children and Beauchamp – both names of known families in the Egham area who had been working for the various estates – mainly Windsor Great Park estate during these times. The book “Virginia Water – Neighbour to Windsor Great Park” by Dorothy Davis goes into great detail on how many workers wages got to a point where they could barely afford to feed their families even in times of employ. This could explain why William ended up in the workhouse. It also has detail on the above surnames also.

1861 – Census. William Ransom (II) (Agricultural Labourer born Egham) living with his wife Ellen (Agricultural Labourer born Isleworth) and children James W Ransom (JWE born Old Windsor) and Arthur C Ransom (born New Brentford) at 19 Thornton’s Yard, New Brentford, Middlesex.

21st January 1862 – Death of William Ransome. Registered in Old Windsor.

4th August 1862 – Joseph Ransom marries Martha Uphill at St. Mary’s in Prestwich, Lancashire.

1871 – William Ransom (II) – Census – Lodger-Agricultural Labourer & Widower. Eleanor died between 1861 & 1871. Addington Village, Surrey.

1871 – JWE Ransom – Census – 48 High Street. Travelling Confectioner. Age 19 – Living with his aunt Frances Dear, his cousin Miriam, her husband John Taylor and her child John Taylor. His cousin Ellen, her husband Henry Skittral and her children Selina and Charles Skittral. Also William Winter (age 54), lodger. Charles Climpson – Bootmaker aged 40 lived at number 63 with his wife Lydia – Lydia was a Harris before she married Climpson.

January 1876 – Albion Rd, Hounslow, London. JWE was living here with his future wife Mary Eliza Meads.

29th October 1876 – Marriage of JEW and Mary Eliza Meads at St. Peter’s Church, Hammersmith, London.

8th December 1876 – Death of Joseph Ransom at Thornford, Sherborne, Dorset. Sub Postmaster.

11th December 1876 – Burial of Joseph Ransom at Thornford, Dorset.

10th February 1877 – Joseph Ransom’s probate.

1880 – JWE living at 270 High Street, Brentford.

1881 – JWE Ransom living at 270 High Street, Brentford with his wife Mary Eliza Ransom (nee Meads) who was born in Hounslow and their daughter 3 year old Florence Ransom.

1881 – William Ransom (II) – Census – Addington Park Farm, Addington, Surrey, England. Marital Status: Widower; Relationship to Head: Servant-Labourer.

1882 – JWE living at 270 High Street, Brentford.

24th November 1884 – Death of William Ransom (II) – Addington, Surrey.

3rd December 1884 – Burial of William Ransom (II) – St. Mary’s Church, Addington, Surrey.

1885 – JWE living at 27 Orchard Road, Brentford.

1886 – JWE living at 27 Orchard Road, Brentford.

1st August 1887 – JWE living at Linden House, 23 The Butts, Brentford.

1890 – JWE living at Linden House, 23 The Butts, Brentford.