Robert Appleby (b.1800) was a butcher and this photograph was posted to a Newcastle past and present site by Janette Perry. Alongside the photo she posted:

This is my great grandfathers butchers shop Applebys, at Arthurs Hill, Newcastle.
He is in the middle of the picture with a beard. I would love to know who the other people standing next to my great grandfather are, they look like characters.

Appleby – Family Butcher – circa 1895

Under the photo were various comments and here are the more relevant ones…

John Appleby said…

I have a similar Appleby butcher picture on my wall, my photo has 5 gentlemen on it, I believe on is my Father (Carlton Appleby) my grandfather John (seppy) Appleby and another 3 generation of Appleby men…. Dad know’s who they all are.

Anonymous said…

ref Appleby butcher picture, I have a similar picture with 5 guys in it, one is my father (young Boy) and he always said it was father and sun up to 5 generations. 

Robert Young said…

In the photo of the Appleby butcher shop,the young lad on the far left
the one you can just see is Andrew Young. Andrew was called up to army
in 1918. He was posted to the K.O.Y.L.I Regiment. He died of gas poisoning 3 months after being called up. He is buried in St Stevens Cemetery in Rouen France. I have a picture of Andrew in uniform and on the back of the photo he has signed From Andrew to Mrs. Appleby in pencil. Andrew was my fathers brother. Bob Young.

We were able to discover what happened to the butcher’s shop after Robert sr had died – it passed into the hands of his son in law William Dickinson who was married to his daughter Margaret E Appleby. Below is a photo of the shop when it had been compulsory purchased by the council for demolition. We found this photo on Google images and for a couple of years did not know if it was our R. Appleby or not and the W. Dickinson name underneath the window threw us until we found the will of Robert which mentioned William Dickinson.

Description : Antiques Shop on Westgate Road Newcastle upon Tyne Collection : Local Studies Printed Copy : If you would like a printed copy of this image please contact Newcastle Libraries quoting Accession Number : 035595