Through our research over the past few years we have found various facts and figures that help us understand the Appleby family a little bit more when we combine them together. That is what this page is for – a collection of things we have noticed during our searches.

William and Margaret Appleby and 2 generations of their

If we take a closer look at William’s son, Robert Appleby (Butcher 1834-1899) and his wife Elizabeth they had 8 children.

Looking at their youngest Norah (b. 1855) her middle name is Younghusband. This was taken from his wife Elizabeth’s maiden name.

There is son Henry Scott Appleby, the Scott appears to have been taken from Robert’s brother in law Edward Scott who married his sister Margaret.

Then we noticed son Robert William Jeffrey Appleby – I would imagine the William came from his grandfather William, the name Jeffrey appears to have been taken from Robert sr’s other brother in law George Jeffrey who married his sister Jane.

We also wonder if the third son of Robert sr, John George Appleby took his middle name from Jane’s husband George Jeffrey?

It may also be true also of the daughter’s of Robert sr to have their middle names after other family members. We have more research to do on them.